Bedroom Closet, Manhattan

Bedroom Closet, Manhattan

Bedroom & Hallway Closet, Manhattan

Kitchen “Junk Drawer”, Manhattan


Bedroom Closet , Manhattan
Female client. Called for help when she got fed up that she couldn't find a pair of boots she knew were somewhere in her closet. Purged 20 bags of clothing and 5 bags of shoes. Total amount of time: 6.5 hours

"I have never been the most organized person in the entire world. Over the years I let things get out of control and in January when I was looking for my UGG's and could not find them I realized it was time to ask for help. As many of you know, when you look at cleaning and organizing alone it is such a daunting task that you start, get overwhelmed and promptly go shopping for what you were looking for.

I gave Cut The Clutter a call and two Saturday's, 10 hours and 25+ large garbage bags later, Natalie had organized my life. The scary part is that I don't miss one thing that we purged (I guess the tops and shoes from the 90's really had to go).  I could not believe what we accomplished and am grateful for her organizational skills. I could have NEVER done it myself and I mean NEVER. Thanks Natalie, you are the best!!!!”

-SW, Upper East Side

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